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 For one thing, it is custom-made by Toyota Motors for your Tundra truck.  Just like anything else, non-genuine products may not be made to your Tundra's specifications- if the bar is too stiff, you can lose the independence of the two wheels you're connecting. In this case if you hit a bump with the right side of the car that will also be transmitted to the left side. Having too much anti-roll bar can result in the vehicle being unstable on rough roads and can have a negative effect on control. This also holds true with extreme off-roading, where you want each wheel to be able to move as independently as possible to maintain traction while clearing large obstacles. Things like sway bar quick disconnects, which allow you to quickly disconnect the anti-sway bar without having to remove it, exist for people who want the maximum in off road capability without losing the road manners gained with this part.

An upgraded rear anti-sway bar (also known as anti-roll bar or stabilizer bar) is a valuable addition to just about any vehicle on the road.  To prove why this is the case, we must first get into how anti-sway bars work.

When you're in a car going around a sharp corner, momentum causes you to feel your body pulled towards the opposite direction you're turning.  This also puts downward force on the suspension of the vehicle on the opposite side of the turn direction. This is called "body roll".

Combine this natural centripetal force with the right conditions, including speed and grip, along with other factors like a vehicle with a high center of gravity, and the end result can be a rollover.

As you've surely surmised by now, the greatest benefit of a TRD Rear Sway Bar is improved handling.  The weight of your Tundra Limited or Tundra Platinum is spread out more evenly across all four tires. This will give a Tundra driver the desired enhancement in overall grip while cornering and will allow for much more responsive steering.

TRD Rear Sway Bar

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