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There are absolutely no downsides to reducing weight on your car if you aren't sacrificing integrity. Most alloy wheels you find are cast, meaning molten aluminum is poured into a mold and allowed to cool. This can result in a wheel that's full of little air pockets, which compromise the strength of the wheel. The TRD Off Road alloy wheels, on the other hand, are forged. Forged wheels start out as a solid block of aluminum which is then treated to a tremendous amount of heat and pressure to be formed into the shape of the wheel. At this point of design of the face is machined into the wheel and the rest of the details such as finishing are taken care of. This forging process results in a much stronger wheel.

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A new set of wheels is probably the most common modification made to cars on the road; and for good reason. There are a lot of reasons to install aftermarket wheels. The first that comes to just about anyone's mind is looks. The right set of wheels makes or breaks the appearance of your vehicle. There's a lot of performance advantages which come from choosing wisely, however.

One of the best things you can do to your vehicle is install a set of lighter weight wheels. This in itself comes with multiple advantages. Less rotating mass means better acceleration. Remember Newtons first law of motion; "An object in motion stays in motion while an object at rest stays at rest unless acted upon by an outside force". To demonstrate this, go find two objects - one heavier than the other. First take the heavier object and hold it with your arm straight down. Now, slowly lift your object of choice up over your head using the full rotation of your arm. Now do the same with the lighter object. Notice how much easier it was to pick up the lighter object? Your vehicle has to do the same thing in order to get its wheels turning. By reducing the weight, and thus the amount of energy needed to get them turning, it's like adding power to your engine. The same theory holds true when you hit the brakes.  The less weight they have to slow down, the more efficiently they can work and the quicker you stop.

The other advantage that comes from reducing the weight of your wheels is the reduction in un-spring weight - that is weight which is not held up by the vehicles' springs. This allows your suspension to work more efficiently giving you greater control on any surface on the road of off it..

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