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TRD Big Brake Kit

Toyota Tundra Performance Parts at Handy Toyota in St. Albans, VT

Though we love stocking 2012 Toyota Tundra Limited trucks, Toyota FJ Cruiser SUVs, and Tundra Platinum trucks that house the TRD Big Brake Kit pre-attached, that doesn't mean you can't get yourself a set. Handy Toyota of St. Albans, Vermont's master parts manager can order them in a heartbeat if you call him at toll-free at 888-447-8961 or if you fill out a parts order form online with your VIN (vehicle identification number) which you can locate on the door jamb, sometimes on the glass, under the hood, and several other places.

As if that wasn't great enough, our Toyota service team can easily install the TRD Performance Big Brake Kit on your Toyota vehicle!

Simply schedule an appointment online or call the service team's toll free number 888-594-1392. If you're a do-it-yourself kind of person, you'll be happy to know with a little bit of maintenance, car repair, or service know-how you can install the TRD Big Brake Kit on your own.


  • Complete performance upgrade for all driving situations
  • Larger, more aggressive, and better performing brake rotors
  • Stainless steel construction enhances durability
  • A slotted design results in better cooling, less fade, and longer pad and rotor life
  • 4-Piston TRD calipers which provide maximum grip on larger rotors
  • Stainless steel brake lines to completely eliminate any line-flex during heavy use
  • All necessary hardware and step-by-step instructions
  • Calipers finished in high-temperature red epoxy featuring the Toyota Racing Development "TRD" logo

Remember, fast is fun, but bringing that speed to a full stop - and in a timely fashion - is just as important. Feel free to stop by Handy Toyotatoday to learn more or test drive one of our Big-Brake-equipped Tundras to feel the ultimate stopping power you off-roaders so rightly deserve! 

Call us today at 888-352-5749 or
fill out this form to order your TRD Big Break Kit from Handy Toyota and, Vermont, New York, and New England's leading Toyota Tundra Platinum dealer!

If there's one area of any vehicle that should be upgraded, it's the brakes. No matter what kind of driving you do, stopping power is critical. Whether it be from a performance standpoint or for the sake of maximized safety, there are few better places to spend money on upgrades. For your Toyota Tundra the ideal way to do that is with the Toyota Racing Development (TRD) Big Brake Kit.
As hedonistic off road guru website explains of the TRD Big Brake Kit, "If your goal is to improve the overall performance of your [Tundra Limited or Tundra Platinum], then an improved braking system should be in your near future."

The TRD Big Brake Kit is not just a shiny red set of calipers meant to show off the power these breaks will halt; instead it's an incredibly huge improvement over the standard, OEM Toyota caliper system, and meant for far more aggressive use. The powerful TRD Big Brake Kit features larger rotors that have been slotted to maximize heat dispersion. Thanks to a stainless steel composition, the TRD Big Brake Kit will last longer than the normal calipers as well.

In addition to the caliper enhancement and aggressive brake rotors, the TRD Big Brake Kit includes a set of four-piston calipers designed for maximum grip on larger brake rotors - such as the whopping 20-inch alloys of the Toyota Tundra Limited and Tundra Platinum series. To add to the potency of the Big Brake Kit, the FJ Cruiser Team Trails TRD Big Brake Kit or Tundra Limited and Tundra Platinum houses a braided stainless steel brake line set to completely eliminate flexing of the brake lines during extraneous use.

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