Toyota has a rich off-road heritage with racing success that dates back nearly three decades, and includes numerous titles at the legendary Baja 500 and 1000. Toyota's off-road racing programs have inspired the development of numerous TRD off-road focused products. The TRD brand carries a lot of off-road "cred" with serious off-roaders and consumers gravitate to the brand. In fact, TRD packages now make up about 40% of the overall mix of the number-one-in-segment Toyota Tacoma. TRD Pro Series leverages TRD's well-deserved off-road acclaims and was developed with Toyota's New Brand Filter of bringing inspiring, innovative and exciting products to market. Given that directive, a group of off-road enthusiasts inspired the TPD Pro concept and brought the TRD Pro Series to life, incorporating TRD Pro into the life cycle planning of Toyota’s truck lineup.

Toyota vehicles are designed, engineered, tested and tuned by teams of specialists dedicated to developing designs that meet or exceed Toyota's legendary hallmark of capability, quality, durability, reliability, and safety. Systems and sub-systems are designed as cohesive packages that work together within specific operating parameters for optimal, repeatable performance.

Customers that customize their off-road vehicles often use non-factory products to make their vehicle their own. For example, common suspension changes range from leveling the vehicle's ride height front to rear, to replacing entire suspension systems outboard of the frame rails for a "mid-" or "long-travel" setup. While any of these changes may increase ground clearance, they can also affect suspension geometry, ride quality, and possibly even overall system performance.

The TRD Pro family was developed by TRD engineers working alongside Toyota engineers to get the most out of the original factory design. This isn't a "parts-bin" lift kit, either. On Tacoma, for example, the brake line mounts were modified for extra droop and upstroke, and the suspension was built around the steering gear and drive axles. By maximizing travel within the stock packaging and geometry, customers can now buy a factory off-road package on Tundra, 4Runner, and Tacoma that has been thoroughly engineered and tested to work as a complimentary system, all backed by a comprehensive three-year/36,000 mile warranty.

Torture-tested in expeditions through California's high desert, each vehicle's suspension system was enhanced as a package to take each vehicle's capabilities and improve them as a holistic package. By adding suspension system robustness, purposeful off-road tuning, and an enhanced dampening capacity, TRD has truly made the most of each vehicle’s geometry for off-road use while ensuring quality, durability, and reliability are all retained.

TRD Pro is more than just a new model for each vehicle in the Toyota line-up. Toyota is effectively re-launching the TRD brand around the TRD Pro family. With these exciting new products, Toyota will not only sustain interest in an awesome lineup of trucks and SUVs, but also help to continue to push the Toyota brand to build "always better" and more exciting vehicles for the US market.

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