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Toyota Extra Care Platinum Vehicle Service Agreements | of VT

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Toyota Extra Care Platinum Vehicle Service Agreement
OEM Toyota Motors Service Contract in VT

Toyota's legendary safety and reliability make a new or used Toyota car the choice of millions of Americans, Vermonters, and Saint Albans and Burlington residents each year, but even with enhancements to their incredible safety record such as the standard (on all vehicles) STAR Safety System and the optional Toyota Safety Connect, not to mention enhancements to service and auto repair which were taken to a whole new level with the complimentary two year maintenance plan called Toyota Care, it is little surprise so many people feel secure driving and more importantly hauling goods, passengers, and loved ones in the Toyota namesake.

But all the same, as great as a new Toyota vehicle or used Toyota in VT is and can be, the unknown still lurks around every corner and over every hilltop:  icy conditions, wet, steep hilltops, poorly kempt gravelly roads, and wooded areas filled with all manner of unwillingly accident prone animals are facts of the driving experience, and though Toyota has shown time and time again that they'll keep you safe in the worst of times, nobody wants these to occur, both from the bodily harm aspect and, in a "good" or "lucky" outcome, the destruction of your new car investment.  Further, it doesn't even have to be one of these perceived negatives - the winter roads are covered in salt and sand to keep you safe, but your new Toyota's paint and clearcoat see it as a completely different affair.

Enter Toyota Extra Care, a vehicle service contract (VSC) for both new Toyota vehicles as well as pre-owned Toyota vehicles that gives you the best part of the new vehicle ownership experience:  peace of mind.  For a one-time payment Handy Toyota's customers can have that assurance and, in many cases, the payment for the Toyota Extra Care Platinum vehicle service contract in the greater Burlington, VT area can be rolled into your vehicle payment for added simplicity.

The purpose of this page is to give you a general education in vehicle service contracts as well as the Toyota Extra Care plan alone.  Handy Toyota of St. Albans, VT also houses a third party vehicle service contract selection through Warranty Solutions and Wells Fargo, giving you even greater options for your new or used Toyota vehicle purchase.  If at any time during the following educational process you decide you've read enough - be it in terms of too much info or you've learned what you needed - give us a call toll-free at 888-352-5749 to discuss your options directly with Finance Manager Sam Farrar or send him an email for quick answers to many of your questions.